Audi back in the BTCC- thanks to Rob Austin Racing
Date: Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 15:54:14 BST
Author: audioc
Topic: Audi in Motorsport

RobAustin - A4 2012 BTCCAudi back in the BTCC!

Rob Austin Racing ( are entering at LEAST one car in this years BTCC - and the next round of racing is this weekend at Donington.

Expect more details about Rob and the team over the next few days- with an update on how well they did next week. In the meantime, visit their website or follow them on Twitter (you can get to them through our own twitter feed (as well as other stories of interest as they break)

 Discussion about this over in our forums

Our hats of to a "privateer" flying the Audi flag- with little involvement/ sponsorship from Audi UK...

More details soon!

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