Pembo's back with a new quattro for Rallying- the red arrow
Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 @ 14:56:17 BST
Author: audioc
Topic: Pembo's Rallying Antics in the quattro

Pembo's back with a new quattro!

PEmbo's "Red Arrow" Audi quattro

The last we heard of him, he was driving the Dave Askem built Coupe quattro 20valve (S2) and had a MAJOR off with iPEmbo in the old Dave Askem built Cart.

He's now got a NEW car dubbed "The Red Arrow" and is using driving it at the Three Sisters Circuit on Saturday 12th May - spectators are more than welcome. It's his first time at this venue competing with a new navigator as well.

We're hoping to catch up with him soon and get details of the new car, etc., as well as try to keep users updated on his progress.

Hats off to him for using a quattro what it was ultimately designed for- you can find more details on our facebook page, where you should be able to follow the links to his latest toy.

Co-incidentally, he's got a nearly finished rally prepared UR quattro that's still for sale, if anyone is interested....


Pembo's Red Arrow quattro


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