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PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:23 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Please scroll the page to the bottom to see some links to commonly asked questions.

This forum exists because people like Audi and also want to help others.

If you are a new or inexperienced forum user and you have issues and question relating to your vehicle, then there are definitely people on here that want to help you. We don't expect you to know anything about cars, but in order for us to help you, you have to help us.

Things the new / inexperienced forum user can do to help resolve their problems.

1. Use the search facility within this forum as your problem may have already been discussed in the past.

1a. This forum is divided in to sections for each make and model of car. Please post in the correct section. The General Chit Chat section for example, is the wrong section to use. If you post in this section or any other non relevant section, your post may be moved or deleted.

2. When posting about your problem, supply the very basic of initial details.

    * model of car e.g. 80 / A4 /Coupe
    * spec of car e.g. B5 / quattro etc
    * engine size e.g. 1.8 / 2.0 / turbocharged
    * fuel e.g. petrol / derv
    * year of car e.g. 1995 / 2004
    * reg of car e.g. K / Y / 53 / 54
    * the engine code if possible (it maybe 3 letters) e.g ABY

This may seem a lot, but as an example, one of my cars is the following - 1995, Audi S2 Coupe quattro, this covers everything bar the engine code.

3. Tell us about your problem, Give as much info as you can, if it's a rattle, knock, sound, vibration, leak or anything, what does it sound like? metal on metal? where does it sound like its coming from? in the dash? front or rear? left or right? When does it occur? in motion? at speed? under braking / acceleration? cornering?

4. USE PUNCTUATION, commas, full stops etc. It makes your post easier to read.

4a. Check to make sure your Caps Lock is OFF. Post all in upper case are considered to be you SHOUTING at us.

5. DO NOT use txt spk (text speak), this does not look good or 'grown up', please type in English. There are few accepted exceptions;

    * lol - laugh out loud
    * imo - in my opinion
    * imho - in my humble/honest opinion
    * hth - hope this helps
    * ttfn - ta ta for now
    * swimbo - she who must be obeyed
    * o/h - other half
    * HTH's - Hope this helps
    * TIA - Thanks in advance

Continued use of text speak may result in an warning or a ban.

6. Use smilies, they help convey tone of voice and your emotions which is very difficult to do in text. Also they are more friendly. Try not to be rude, this will work against you.

7. If you can, use photos or video, many people on here use photobucket to host their images as its free (others are available).

8. This is not a school and you'll not be marked down for spelling. However there is NO excuse for misspelling the most basic of words.

9. MANNERS COST NOTHING, please and thank you go along way. If you like what some has to say, why not award them some reputation.

10. Please try not to get frustrated if no one has replied to your post straight away, members have jobs and families, so allow at least 24 - 36 hrs before bumping your post or posting the same query again.

11. If you have any concerns, then ask a moderator to look into the problem for you. That is what they are there for. They want to help YOU.
Also bare in mind, the moderators and the administrators are here in their spare time. It's not their day job. They have lives to lead the same as you do. If they don't immediately respond to your query, give them a bit of space.

These are just the very basic of things, the more information you can supply the better your results can be.

In short, YOU hold all the information, we can't see your car and we can't read minds, YOU are our eyes and ears. its up to YOU to help us to help you. If you can't be bothered to spend 5 - 10 mins explaining, you are less likely to get any useful advice. Don't forget this is free and it may save you 100s.
Below are some frequently asked questions to get you started.


OK, sticky's were starting to mount up and look very untidy.
So I've included them all in their entirety in one FAQ thread. Nothing in the original posts have been changed and you can still add to the original threads.

If you think you have a topic that is worthy of being included in this FAQ thread, then please PM me and we'll sort it out. It's "you" the user, that contribute the most to this great resource that is .


Power window and Sunroof problem fixes (relay's and thermal fuses) ►►► LINK

Leather seat refurbishment ►►► LINK

Sagging door adjustment ►►► LINK

Dash out run-through for heater matrix removal and refitting (PDF) ►►► LINK

4x108 wheel options ►►► LINK

How to change your instrument cluster lights ►►► LINK

How to change "ALL" switch bulbs, including soldered in LED's and bulbs ►►► LINK

Ambient Temperature Display, a complete retro-fit. ►►► LINK

How to clean or replace the digital clock inside the instrument cluster. LINK

How to refurbish your old Tappets ►►► LINK

Quick refurb of your old wheels! ►►► LINK

The difference between a series 3, and a type 4 80 ►►► LINK

HOW TO CHANGE A FUEL PUMP. with piccy's (Coupe) ►►► LINK

series 4 Audi 80 Haynes Manual? check this out.... ►►► LINK

Aux gauge bulb replacement, along with front and rear centre console removal ►►► LINK

How to use the site gallery ►►► LINK

Think you might have warped discs? read this first. ►►► LINK

How to include pics in your posts using BBcode ►►► LINK

2x2 Diagnostic to 16pin OBD11 socket install ►►► LINK

Tail Light Resealing Process ►►► LINK

Three spoke airbag wheel swap ►►► LINK

Coupe rear light differences ►►► LINK

Wing mirror disassembly ►►► LINK

Juddering Front Brakes and a Weak Handbrake ►►► LINK

How to replace dash clocks/ instrument binnacle lights ►►►

Window regulator Rebuild►►►LINK
added last by Andy, fixed a link Wink

2001 Avus Silver RS4.
2004 A4 Avant 1.8T quattro Sport LE..

1995 S2 Coupe - sold
1995 A6 Avant TDi - sold
1993 80 TDi - sold
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1989 Coupe 2.3e - sold
1990 cq20v - sold
1990 80 2.8 quattro - sold 
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