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· Audi Club's Worldwide 
A list of Audi Club's Worldwide

    · Audi Specialists 
For Audi Specialists- not necessarily Tuners, but including garage services, ECU repair, etc.

· Audi Styling & Tuning 
For Companies that offer styling packages &/ or Tuning packages for ALL Audi's

Audi Styling CompaniesEngine Tuning CompaniesPerfomance Parts Specialists
    · Automotive Magazines Websites 
Regularly read a magazine? If they are a half decent magazine, they'll have a half decent website to back it up!

· Car Parts 
For ALL Car Parts- suppliers, shops, mail order, new, old, standard, modifed, obsolete,etc.

    · Fan Sites 
For personal "fan" sites dedicated to the marque.

· Insurance Companies/ Brokers 
Not necissarily endorsed by, or the Audi Owners Club.

    · Memorabilia/ Brochures/ Models/ etc. 
Pictures, prints, models, brochures, handbook, etc.

· Motorsport Related Links 
For All motorsport related links, not necissarily Audi based.

    · Online Car Related Portals/ Links 
· Other Automotive 
For other Automotive links not necissarily categorised elsewhere.

    · Tuning & Styling 
For All tuning and styling related links.

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